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Why choose the products of Wuhan Yanyang IOT Co., Ltd.?
Better resource platform to enable products to lead the market

8 years Lithium battery protection board, lithium battery instrumentation, finished lithium battery, lithium battery terminal and energy IoT research and development, production experience;

The products use high quality and stable raw materials to provide customers with competitive products. Our products are the most cost-effective in the same industry;

Widely used in digital, special vehicles, electric vehicles, home electronics, outdoor energy storage, electrical and electrical communications, etc.。

Stable product quality, advanced technology, sold at home and abroad

Our products have passed ISO9001 quality certification and ROHS EU environmental protection directive; all products are produced according to international advanced standards.

The products are exported to Europe and the United States, and maintain long-term cooperative relations with well-known enterprises at home and abroad such as Sgw and Maverick.

Same quality products, we can achieve high quality and low price

We are a first-class manufacturer of similar products with professional technical support.

Professional R&D manufacturer of intelligent lithium ion battery;

Ensure the highest quality and best service

Since 2014, the implementation of a standardized modern enterprise management model (introduction of management consulting business, CRM customer relationship management system and UF ERP enterprise resource management system) can provide product sales and service to customers across the country more conveniently and quickly.;

Respond positively to customer needs, send samples within 24 hours of workdays; order to product delivery, deliver every step of your order, delivery accuracy of 99%。

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Wuhan Yanyang IOT Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, production and sales of high-current lithium battery intelligent protection boards, lithium batteries, lithium battery terminals and energy Internet of Things. The company was established in 2015. After three years of development, it has formed a complete production quality management system. At present, the research and development personnel account for 60% of the masters degree, and the products are exported to Europe and America. Mr. Yang Email: kellychan@yybms.com Miss Chen
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Wuhan Yanyang IOT Technology Co., Ltd. has an automatic SMT production line and self-developed fully automatic BMS testing equipment. The monthly output is 10,000 pieces of BMS protection board.
Wuhan Yanyang IOT Technology Co., Ltd. 90% of the undergraduate and above, 60% of the masters degree, the company has a young and promising R & D backbone personnel, the core team are well-known IT company management and research and development. The product has been tempered for three years and is mature and stable. Self-built vibration laboratory, structural laboratory, charging and discharging laboratory, communication interference laboratory.
Qualification certification
Material quality level checks, product quality all meet national standards
The series of products have passed environmental protection directives such as ROHS, MSDS and UN38.3.
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